A Note From Derek Vaughn, Tyrone Site Director

It has been an excellent summer for myself and Joshua House! As some of you may know this has been my first year as Site Director and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be a part of this organization, to carry out our purpose in helping the community and our youth.

We had quite a summer! Here are some highlights:

  • For our 19th year of HoopsFest, we had over 200 teams, representing 10 different states (not to mention surviving the high heat index!). Be on the look out for HoopsFest 20th year plans!

  • Took a group of 50 teenagers to Compassion Commission in Baltimore. We helped clean up throughout the city, minister to people and build a home for a vet.

  • We started a new program called ‘Above the Rim’ which was held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month led my local basketball legend, Drew Shubik who played D1 college ball and a year of pro ball oversees. We had at least 12 teens come each time where we played basketball, ate pizza together and Drew would share powerful messages.

  • This was the first year for a new event called ’SportsFest’ held at Lakemont Park in Altoona. This event had three three-on-three tournaments - basketball, volleyball and dek hockey. Though a smaller event than HoopsFest, it was a blessing to be able to give Blair County another opportunity to relate sports to faith and have it as an avenue of outreach.

Our 2019 Compassion Commission Crew

Our 2019 Compassion Commission Crew

I can't tell you how excited I am that school is back in session! That means our AfterSchool program has begun. The Summer is a busy time for many so seeing some kids who were off the grid during the Summer is great. Our attendance is strong and we're looking to build off of last year with implementing an incentive program, creating volunteer opportunities, scheduled speaker nights and much more. This program was created for the purpose providing a safe place where our youth can come and feel welcomed, wanted and given direction in life.

Also, be sure to sign up for the Fall Classic coming up on October 26th. It's a favorite in the area because the beautiful Fall scenery at Tyrone's Reservoir Park and for the yummy food at the end. Pumpkin muffins...oh yeah!


Press Release - Announcing SportsFEST


Joshua House announces 1st annual SportsFest to be held in Altoona PA - August 3, 2019

Altoona, PA | July 1st, 2019 – The goal of this event is to increase awareness and raise funds to support, the Joshua House Community Center and its growth into surrounding communities of Central PA, while providing high quality and competitive athletic tournament for youth and adults in the region.

SportsFest will premiere in Altoona, PA, on August 3, 2019, as Joshua House celebrates the 19th consecutive year hosting its marquis event, HoopsFest, which is the largest 3-on3 basketball tournament in the northeast run by the organization out of Tyrone, PA.

SportsFest, will expand on the foundation built with HoopsFest and launch a sister event, introducing an all-new sports related line up that will include dek hockey and volleyball tournaments for both youth and adult teams at the newly renovated Lakemont Park, in Altoona. A 3-on-3 Volleyball Tournament will have divisions for 16U Boys/Girls, 18U Boys/Girls, Women’s Competitive and Men’s Competitive. A 3-on-3 Dek Hockey Tournament has 10U, 14U, 18U and Adult Rec Adult Competitive divisions. 3- on-3 basketball will be open to 12U Boys/Girls, 14U Boys/Girls, 16U Boys/Girls, 18U Boys/Girls, Women’s Open, Men’s Rec, and Men’s Competitive teams. The cost to register a team is $100 per tournament, per event.

“The athletic tournaments and fundraising for Joshua House are designed to support our goals to equip our youth. We accomplish this by supporting them as they build lives based on faith. The goals include mentoring them to create strong relationships, develop positive self- awareness, entrepreneurial spirit, and servant leadership. This year we are focusing both HoopsFest and SportsFest on “breakthroughs” for all involved with the events.” said founder Jim Kilmartin, who goes on to say, “It is such an honor to be able to host people from all over our community in successful sports tournaments. As always, we could not bring these quality programs to the area without the sponsors who help to make these events exciting and successful fundraisers.

As this is SportsFest's inaugural event in the Altoona area, we are actively seeking sponsors and volunteers, as well as teams and participants. We are excited to bring this to Altoona and the new Lakemont Park! Like with the success of our HoopsFest events, we strive to provide a quality event for many years to come."

About Joshua House

Joshua House’s Mission is to Help Youth Find Purpose by providing a community that offers after-school mentors and a sense of belonging, along with programs that support these efforts.

The Vision is to see generations of young people living out all that God created them to be and do. Joshua House began on the belief that every person has a 'promised land.’ Just as the biblical character, Joshua led the Israelites into their promised land, we help youth understand their promised land, their purpose in life. Joshua House is a place where people find their purpose in Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing that the presence of God changes lives, we seek to be a catalyst in bringing this generation into God’s life-changing presence.

HoopsFest and the newly formed SportsFest launched as programs that enhance and support the Joshua House mission. For more information on becoming a sponsor, volunteering or attending SportsFest, please contact Brittany Solomon at brittany@joshuahouse.com.

Media inquiries, please contact angiey@yazogroup.com