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Welcome from Founder & Director Jim Kilmartin

Kids in Motion

March/April Session Registration is now open

Pre-School & Kindergarten boys & girls: Saturday 9-10am (starting 3/14/15)

1st-3rd Grade girls: Monday 6-7:30pm (starting 3/9/15)

4th-6th Grade girls: Monday 4-5:30pm (starting 3/9/15)*

               St. Patrick's Day 5K/10K Race - March 14, 2015                  For details and to register, visit our race page.  

               St. Patrick's Day 5K/10K Race - March 14, 2015

                 For details and to register, visit our race page.


*Transportation is available from the school to Joshua House for the 4th-6th grade girls class

Cost is $60/6 classes (partial or full scholarships available upon request)


Cross-town Basketball League 

The Cross-town basketball league is back for its 10th season!!      To view the Cross-Town schedule, click HERE

Follow the CrossTown League on its Facebook page for important updates and information!

Current Programs:

JH Fit Club - Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:30-6:15 AM

Homework Club & Dinner - Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM

Cross-town Basketball League - Games on Saturdays at the Tyrone Elementary Gymnasium

Click below to listen to the Joshua House Leadership Podcast. 

In our latest podcast episode, we interview Dr. Stephen Gallaher and learn the value of investing into the next generation.  

Click here if you want to listen to the podcast in iTunes.

Dr. Stephen Gallaher has had a huge impact on thousands of teenagers as well as many leaders involved in the lives of youth.  God used Stephen to make a deep, transformational impact upon hosts Theron Glenny and Jim Kilmartin in their teen years - which you will hear about in this episode.  It is a great honor to have him inspire, challenge and equip us to make a difference in the lives of the next generation.  

More about Dr. Stephen Gallaher:

Dr. Gallaher is a professor of Youth Ministry at Messiah College.  He also is the Executive Director of Salt and Light Youth Ministry and is on the pastoral staff at Camp Hill United Methodist Church.  


Joshua House Programs

About Us

We are a team committed to raising up the next generation of Christian leaders in Central Pennsylvania. 

We are a faith-based organization that believes Jesus can set anyone free and help them become the person He created them to be.  

Joshua House's focus is helping kids, teens and young adults figure out what they were created to do in life.  

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