In the Absence of Leadership, Lead!

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Edmund Burke, an Irish Orator stated, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This quote has rocked my life for a long time and has driven me to want to stand up and make a difference. It was 21 years ago that I heard God call me back to my hometown, and there He broke my heart for the youth in our communities. Just the other day, I was asked to speak at a high school class, and I recalled to them why I started Joshua House. The reason was simple; there was a void, an absence, a lack of direction, and hope for the younger generations! There was a real need to reach out to these kids and inspire them with a message of hope, purpose, and destiny.

Life is different 21 years later, but the message of hope and purpose is still very relevant. We see too many young people’s lives swept away by addiction, suicide, and depression. Our heart is to create more than just a refuge for the kids to retreat to but to provide a community of support to empower them to overcome obstacles and generational cycles that have held them back. Joshua in the Bible could have looked at the giants in the promised land or the fortified wall at Jericho and retreated in despair. Instead, he was known to be of a different spirit, the spirit of an overcomer. At Joshua House, we want to educate and encourage young men and women that will be world changers.

We are looking for more people that have the heart to help inspire young Joshuas. We have many activities and programs, consider getting involved and leading with us to impact a generation for the Kingdom of God!