Our Mission is to Help Youth Find Purpose.

Our Vision: Generations of young people living out all that God created them to be and do.

We believe every person has a 'promised land’.  Just as the biblical character Joshua led the Israelites into their promised land, we help youth understand their promised land, their purpose in life.  Joshua House is a place where people find their purpose in Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  Knowing that the presence of God changes lives, we seek to be a catalyst in bringing this generation into God’s life-changing presence. 

In addition, our goal is to equip youth in the following areas so they are prepared to live out their purpose:

  • Biblical Foundation - If students base their faith on a firm foundation, the Word of God, they will be unshakable. We teach youth how to stand firm against adversity, grow strong in their relationship with God and fulfill the call on their lives.

  • Relationships - Now more than ever, we must teach youth how to build healthy, multi-generational relationships with peers, parents, and the opposite sex.

  • Self-Awareness - The majority of teenagers are in identity crisis - they don’t know who they are. In life, we go through seasons. God is a builder. He knows how to take what we learn in each season of our lives to prepare us for the next season. We help teenagers understand their identity (who they are), their strengths and weaknesses, their sense of calling and how it all relates to what God wants to teach them in each season of their lives, whether they are preparing for high school, college or career.

  • Entrepreneurship - An entrepreneurial spirit and skill-set are needed more than ever. Entrepreneurs are change agents, initiators, risk takers, see opportunities, are creative and inventive, can cast vision and have the relentless focus needed to see the vision fulfilled. We equip students with these foundational skills and financial principles to set them on a path to win with money and thrive in today’s economy.

  • Servant Leadership - Leadership is not a position. It’s a choice. We believe the best leaders are the best servants. Since servant leaders have a genuine love and respect for others, they look to identify and meet their needs of others. Servant Leadership is something that is developed through service/missions opportunities we offer throughout the year.