The Role

Your job is to be the first smile people see as they come into Joshua House.  You help set the tone with how people experience Joshua House.  You are also the gears behind the scenes, planning events, taking care of those details that most would forget, keeping track of day-to-day finances, helping spread the word about what we do, managing who’s in and out of our facility, and helping build the programs that you’re also passionate about.  You would work hand-in-hand with our directors to help make things happen.  A nice extra would be for you to help with grant writing — getting those funds that our programs need to flourish.

Your Daily Adventures Will Include

Administrative Aid

  • Be the welcoming force for people who come to our facility/office.
  • Answer the phone with a smile and help lead folks in the right direction
  • Make copies, send out newsletters, handle the mail (general clerical tasks)
  • Manage day-to-day finances — the income and expenses of our daily mission
  • Manage and update the website and social media pages as outlined by the directors
  • Schedule and manage facility rentals and coordinate with facilities manager to make rentals the best experience possible

Event Planning & Program Assistance

  • Create and manage registration for events and programs
  • Spread the word for events and programs
  • Work hand-in-hand with the directors to take care of the details for events making sure all supplies are purchased and each role is covered
  • Assist in after-school programs 
  • Collaborate with directors on grants to ensure that all programs are funded

Our Vision Of You

  • Passionate about Jesus and the core values of Joshua House
  • Vital part of a team that drives Joshua House toward it’s mission and vision
  • Ready and excited to serve the mission and the people
  • Able to flow with the culture — full of life and purpose, love God and love people, compassionate servant leader
  • Innovator - Able to foresee needs of the programs and all we do at Joshua House to bring life to the community
  • Ideal work hours:  8:00am-3:00pm with 1/2 hour lunch break; 3:00pm-5:30pm to assist with after school programs Monday through Thursday; 8:00am-12:00pm Fridays.

Why You’ll Love It Here

  • We’re all about helping people find purpose.  You’ll always know your ‘why.'
  • You’ll play an integral part in making HUGE impacts on the youth in our region.
  • You’ll be on a team that is passionate, open, honest and full of purpose.
  • We got your back. 

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