the history of joshua house

Joshua House's focus is helping youth figure out what they were created to do in life.  Just as Joshua led the Israelites out of the wilderness, wandering aimlessly, and into their 'Promised Land' of hope and future, that is exactly what we want to do.  Founder Jim Kilmartin says "When I started Joshua House back in 1998, I would talk with young person after young person and see a lack of direction and hope for their lives.  God placed a passion in my heart to pick up this mantle that Joshua carried and help lead the younger generations in finding out what their purpose is for their lives."

Today we continue to reach out to young people and help develop them in their pursuits in life.  We want to assist them in becoming contributors and leaders in their families, schools, careers and society.

Joshua House is a place where people can find their destiny in Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing that the presence of God changes lives, we seek to be a catalyst in bringing this generation into God’s life-changing presence.
— Jim Kilmartin, Founder & Director
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Birthed out of a move of God in the summer of 1998 and with the joining of a vision between Jim Kilmartin, Captain Bob Bradbury (evangelist) and Pastor Perry Babb (KeyChurch State College, PA), Joshua House began. On November 22, 1998, Joshua House was established as a place to develop these young men and women that had been touched by the Spirit of God.

 Jim preaching outside the Tyrone Armory 

Jim preaching outside the Tyrone Armory 

The early days of Joshua House ministry were filled with outreach to teens on the streets, small group Bible studies and lots of pizza.  As the years progressed, God moved us from primarily ministering to kids on the streets to opening a recreational store front where they could come off the streets into a safe environment.


Out of this safe haven we began grade incentive programs, weekly Bible studies, meals to feed the kids and many other of the outreaches we still do today.

In 2004, we purchased the old Citizens Fire Hall and began renovations. Over the next year, the Joshua House team renovated the fire hall into a large multipurpose room, including a kitchen, stage and bathrooms. In 2009, with the help of the Leadership Blair County Class, the second floor was renovated into offices and more multipurpose space.

With the local Tyrone YMCA closing in 2005, we realized and responded to the growing need in our town for a community center. Our vision expanded to reach a broader spectrum of the community - fitness classes, leagues, summer camps, small group discipleship and many other programs for the community were run through the downtown center. 

Today, we are so excited about our new home - the Tyrone Armory.  We purchased the Armory in April of 2016 and are currently renovating it.  We are very thankful that God has placed this amazing building into our hands to bless and equip the next generation.  To learn more please visit the Armory Vision and Plans page.