Established in 2010, Kids in Motion was formed to combat the rise of childhood obesity, diabetes and low-self esteem in our area. Founder and director, Julie Kosoglow, bases this unique program on three core components: fitness, nutrition and self-esteem. Targeting children from Pre-School-6th grade, specially trained coaches work to develop not only a child's enjoyment of fitness and nutrition, but they work to raise their self-esteem by teaching biblical principals and demonstrating the love of Christ. Since the time of its inception, approximately 300 children have participated in Kids in Motion.

Kids in Motion is a unique fitness, nutrition and self-esteem program designed specifically for kids. Our motto is "Inspiration To Be Your Best". A typical Kids in Motion class consists of:

* Fun fitness activities and games designed to increase coordination, balance, flexibility, agility, strength and endurance.

* A nutrition component addressing the importance of fueling our bodies, the food pyramid/food plate, making good choices and being a fit kid. The kids will prepare healthy snacks and bring home recipes!

Self-esteem and confidence lessons uniquely designed to help kids believe they have everything needed inside of themselves to succeed, and specifically an "I CAN DO IT!" attitude. Biblical principles are taught as we fully believe that you cannot realize who you truly are without knowing the One that created you :)